Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The dilemma

It's 5:42pm.

Do I stick it out here at the office, and plough through my backlog? I'd be out of here by 10, all caught up, breathing a little easier, ready to take on tomorrow.

Or do I head home, hug my boys, pour a big fat glass of wine (for me, not them), put them in their jammies, tuck them into bed -- and then sit up in bed til 2am trying to catch up, only to get up at 6 and start all over?

That's my dilemma, and this is my blog.
It's about the need -- and the desire -- to work and work well. And the desire to have a life -- a really good one, one I'll be glad and proud I lived.

Welcome to the journey.

P.S. The boys and the wine won.